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Welcome to ALG ID Cards! We are a UK based creator & supplier of ID Cards, Business Cards, ID Card Holders, Lanyards and more. We can provide ID Card Printing in a range of sizes for your business with optional upgrades including Magnetic Stripe Encoding, Hole Punching and Security Watermarks.

There’s also a wide range of lanyards available in different colours and styles. You can purchase our plain coloured or pre-printed lanyards with Staff, Student, Security and NHS Lanyards on sale. Check out our other website “The Lanyard Shop”, if you’re in need of individual lanyards.

Our ID Card Holders & Badge Holders are BPA Free, Made in Britain and are also available in different colours and styles with single-sided and double-sided holders available.

If you’d prefer to print your own ID cards, you can purchase our range of ID Card Printers with Magicard, IDP SmartEvolis and Fargo card printers available for sale.

We regularly benchmark all of our prices against our competitors. If you find a better price, we’ll match or even beat it!


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