Paxton 860-010G Switch2 Proximity Fobs (10 Pack)

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Our Paxton 860-010G Proximity Key Fob packs are for use with the Paxton Switch2 system.

The 860-010G (Green) fobs use a ‘shadow card’ system for ease of management.

The key fobs are supplied with a wallet for storing the shadow cards.

The hands-free keyfobs work in active and passive modes. They give a range of between 0.85m and 2.5m on P and KP series readers equipped with a hands-free interface, and 5m with the long-range reader. They work in passive mode with all other Paxton proximity readers.

  • Use with Switch2 Systems
  • Key Fobs Have a Lifetime Paxton Guarantee
  • All Users Are Valid after Enrolment
  • A Lost Card Can Be Voided with a Shadow Card
  • Additional Paxton 860-010G Packs Can Be Added Easily

Additional information

Weight 0.83 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 18.5 × 12 cm


Reading Method

Prox/EM (13.56 MHz/125 KHz)




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