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Paxton 313-110 Proximity Long Range Reader

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The Paxton 313-110 Long range reader has been designed specifically for car park access points. It has a long read range of up to 5 metres.
For use with Switch2 or Net2 systems.

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The Paxton 313-110 Long range reader has been designed specifically for car park access points. Its long read range of up to 5 metres means that a hands-free token can be read from within a vehicle.

The built in hands-free interface removes the need to lay ground loops. The Long range reader will accommodate vehicles of different sizes. Only one reader needs to be installed at each access point. The Long range reader also works as a close proximity reader so that users without hands-free tokens can use it.

Key Features:

  • Use with Switch2 or Net2
  • Integral hands-free interface
  • Read range max 5m with hands-free tokens
  • Bright LED display is visible even in sunlight
  • Robust Casing
  • Easy Mounting

What is a Long Range Reader?

The Paxton 313-110 long range reader can read Paxton hands-free tokens up to a maximum of 5 metres. The system is compromised
of a long range reader with an integral hands-free interface and hands-free tokens (key card or key fob).
The system operates by using the field being transmitted by the reader to wake up the token which then
communicates with the interface.

Existing Switch2 or Net2 control units can be used without modification. Standard Paxton tokens/key fobs can
be used with this Paxton 313-110 reader but at their normal read range.

Hands-free tokens also include a standard proximity ID chip and can therefore be presented to any Paxton
proximity reader whether they are using the hands-free interface or not.

Hands-free tokens have features to maximise battery life. These include a two-second timeout following a valid
read and a block on repeated reads at the same door whilst the key fob remains in range.

How to Install the Paxton 313-110

Fix the mounting plate to the post. The cables for data and power should be fed through the mounting plate, into the rear of the reader via two compression glands. The reader should then be wired as shown on the control unit label. In addition the reader is wired to a power supply. Readers should be mounted so that their active fields do not overlap.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 13.5 cm


Reading Method

Data Medium

Mounting Method

Surface Mounted (Plaster)

Operating Temperature

-35°C – +66°C






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