HID 2000 iCLASS Smart Cards – 2K bits & 2 App Areas

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Our HID 2000 iCLASS Smart Cards with 2K Bits & 2 Application Areas feature secure iCLASS technology. Providing an exceptional level of authentication, secure data transfer and a 64-bit read/write card capacity.

HID 2000 iCLASS Smart Cards (PVC), 2K Bit with 2 Application Areas. These are contactless smart cards made from a standard PVC material, the same size as a credit card. This card can be stored in your ID card holder or wallet/bag.

The cards have a 2K Bit (256 Byte) memory. HID iCLASS cards are very durable and are resistant to damage like cracking & breaking.

With HID 2000 iCLASS cards, you can guarantee high security. Between the card and the card reader, there is 13.56MHz read/write contactless smart technology and mutual authentication which secure, reliable and high-speed communication.

You can use your HID iCLASS cards in a massive range of applications such as access control, customer loyalty, public transportation, time & attendance and cashless vending.

Additional Information:

  • Sold in packs of 100.
  • CR80 card size (86mm x 54mm).
  • Suitable for use with most ID card printers.

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