What Is the Size of an ID Card?

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ID Card Size

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ID cards are essential for many businesses, whether for identifying staff members or for access or security purposes. However, not all ID cards are the same, with different types coming in various sizes and thicknesses. So, what is the size of an ID Card, and how do you know which ID card size to choose?

Size Matters

When designing or printing an ID card, knowing what size you’ll need is important. Think about how the card will be used, for example, on a lanyard or for keeping in a wallet, and who the ID cards will be used by.

Essentially, there are a small handful of different ID card sizes you’ll come across, according to how many inches they measure.

Small ID Card Sizes

The smallest ID card size is the CR50, with measurements of 3.5 x 1.75 inches. You’ll most commonly find this type of card used by hotels, as key cards for guests to access rooms.

Slightly larger is the CR79 type but it is still classed as one of the smaller ID card sizes. It measures 3.303 x 2.051 inches and is most frequently used for clamshell proximity cards and as access control cards. These cards usually have an adhesive backing. Not all ID card printers are suitable for this card size, so it’s worth checking beforehand.

The CR80 card size is the most popular and standard ID card size you’ll find. Is just slightly bigger than the CR79 model. Measuring 3.370 x 2.125 inches, this size is similar to that of a credit card, so appeals to those who want a card that can easily fit inside a wallet or credit cardholder.

Because this card is considered the ‘standard’ type, it is most suitable for the majority of ID card printing machines. It also comes in a range of different materials, so for those who might prefer to make eco-friendly choices, you’ve got options such as paper, recycled plastic and biodegradable composite.

Oversized Cards

If you’re looking for an ID card size greater than the standard option, the oversized card, or military size card as it’s often known, is the one to go for. Also referred to as the CR100 card, this card is around 42% bigger than its standard cousin, making it ideal if you want an ID card that can be clearly seen from afar, such as at trade shows or concerts, or if you need to display extra information on the card. It measures a generous 3.88 x 2.63 inches. Like the CR79, though, this card may not be compatible with all ID card printers.

ID Card Thickness

While thinking about the size of card you’ll need to consider the thickness, too. ID card thickness varies, from 10-30 mil. Standard ID cards usually have a thickness of 30 mil (760 microns).

You might well wonder, why does ID card thickness matter? A lot depends on how you intend to use your ID card. You might only need a thin card, such as 10 mil, for a business card, or you might require a thicker card if it needs to contain radio frequency technology for scanning purposes.

To find out more about the right ID card sizes for you, contact the experts at ALG ID Cards. You can also view our range of blank plastic cards on our website.

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